In Memory of Howard L. Aslinger

June 20, 1984 - June 16, 2009


We would like to thank our friends and family for helping us through this difficult time. Your prayers and kindness will be remembered. Howard was one of the most impressionable people you would ever hope to know. He touched the heart and souls of many young and old. He fought polio most of his life, but always felt like he was one of the lucky ones. We are the lucky ones just to have had the pleasure of knowing him. He would always say it is not a handicap just an inconvenience and there was always someone worse off than him. He was an inspiration to a lot of people and a hero to his family. He didn’t let not being able to walk keep him from having a home, a family, a job and a life full of activities. He did so much despite his inconvenience when a lot of people would have quit. He taught his daughters and many others that quitting was not an option; you always finish what you start. Even when the disease was getting the best of him he didn’t give up. He was a success! And he had a place in his heart for the world. When he was young he didn’t have the opportunity to go to college, it was just not possible, so he always wanted to start a scholarship fund for individuals with disabilities to help keep their dreams alive. He wanted to help improve someone else’s chance to have success. So with the help of family and friends we have started the Howard L Aslinger Memorial Scholarship fund for individuals with disabilities. If you would like to contribute stop by First State Community Bank, 2525 William St. or American Family Insurance, 2552 Independence St. Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

His Family, Jean, Shelley and Cory, Kari and Mark, Kim and Bryan and grandchildren



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